7 Important Things to Keep in Mind for Training Wrestlers

Adam Elayan Wrestlers

Attitude plays a significant role in aggressive, dominating wrestling. Acquiring inappropriate techniques, even vanquish an athlete with the strongest will.

Adam Elayan shared 7 simple yet effective things that wrestlers need to keep in mind for training for wrestling or training wrestlers. To counterattack, hacks punches, avoid tripping and break opponents, these factors are valuable. In order to get the most out of a wrestling match, or want to compete wrestlers with an entertaining and dominating style, beneath I have highlighted some wrestling methods to unlocking your potential.

Let get into it.

Sandbag Training

Sandbags, an important tool for wrestlers. They are an incredible tool to work on grip strength and getting your wrestler strength up with the awkwardness of the sandbags is awesome! Olympic lifts are one among the best exercise you can practice with it. Also, some of the isometric strength and just squatting and lunging are possible with a Sandbag.

Kettle Bells

Second most important yet effective tool for practicing Olympic type lifts. Wrestlers can improve grip strength to a large extent with kettle bells. It helps to control your body while dragging weight and forces in appropriate directions of your body muscles.

Being an experienced wrestler, Adam Elayan shared his view on Kettle bells – you can exercise all your 1 legged deadlifts and squats, swings and snatches and also the Turkish getup.

Body Weight

Body weight is considered the most important factors in wrestling. It is something wrestlers need to maintain when considering strength workouts. Wrestlers can benefit from weight training as much as other athletes. During the season, you should avoid the high-weight, low-repetition lifting that builds bulk and mass.

This can interfere with your weight enough to bump you out of your preferred class. Instead, focus on pull-ups, chin-ups, and close grip and alternate grip pull-ups. Dumbbell and kettle bell exercises are preferable to barbell exercises because they engage more muscles in the same range of motion.

Isometric training

Mostly, trainers overlooked. Adam Elayan, an experienced wrestler consider this an important part of isometric strength training. At the time of wrestling, you often find a situation when you resist a force or trying to control your opponent. It seems like an arm wrestling match at a standstill. If you acquire isometric strength edge over your opponent, you will be in an advantageous position.


Using ropes for battling, ropes to pull sleds and climb are some valuable practices required in wrestler training. It also helps in building grip strength to a large extent. Using these tools, you can take benefit of strengthening your shoulders and arms.

1 Sided Training

1 legged squats, 1 legged deadlifts, alternate chest press and all the other variations of training 1 side are valuable components of wrestlers training. It helps in balancing and strength your body and muscles together.


In wrestling ring, you must be a better athlete than your opponent. Being more agile help up to a greater extent. Adam Elayan suggested using ladder and hurdles to improve your agility and foot speed.

You might be planning to step into a wrestling ring, hopefully, you can implement above things in your practice to unlocking your potential!

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The Wrestler’s Diet

Adam Elayan - Wrestler Diet

Do you want to know what the diet of your favorite wrestler is? Or, wish to know what all is important to intake as wrestlers so that it could increase performance. So this time you have a golden chance by Adam Elayan to acknowledge you with wrestler’s diet

Given below are the following points:

Energy Foods

The most critical thing amid the wrestling seasons is having enough vitality to contend. A few wrestlers stress excessively over making weight, which abandons them excessively depleted, making it impossible to perform in an abnormal state. You’re eating routine ought to incorporate in the vicinity of 55 and 65 percent sugars. Eat however many complex sugars as could be expected under the circumstances, as they give the most vitality. Complex sugars can incorporate entire grain bread or pasta.

Weight reduction Foods

Foods grown from the ground are profitable for wrestlers as a result of the fiber that they contain. When you devour fiber, you feel full, which encourages you to get in shape. Fiber kills the requirement for snacks amid the day, which eliminates the superfluous sustenance that you devour. This is significantly more essential in the morning since you can set yourself up for a solid day by having a fiber-filled breakfast. Eat in the vicinity of three and five vegetable servings and two and four natural product servings each day of the wrestling season.

Vitamins and Minerals

Your body needs the correct vitamins and minerals to work at an abnormal state, so keeping an adjusted eating regimen is vital. Bananas, oranges, and potatoes contain potassium, while dairy and proteins contain calcium, iron, and zinc. Since press circles oxygen all through the body, it is vital for a wrestler to perform well. An adjusted eating regimen gives vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, and thiamin, which your body requires for vitality creation.

Sustenance to Pass Up

Maintain a strategic distance from nourishments with an excess of fat or sugar, as they put superfluous calories into your body. In the event that you take after an adjusted eating routine, it gives your body satisfactory vitality while avoiding weight pick up. Fats and sugars have high caloric esteems and can drive wrestlers into higher weight classes when overextended. Sugars give a transient jolt of energy yet don’t help past that and have an unfavorable impact amid a long competition. On the off chance that you eat excessive protein, your body stores it as fat


Water is an essential piece of your day by day eat less and is vital for ideal execution. Attempt to devour one liter of water for each thousand calories of nourishment expended every day. Game beverages are additionally an incredible approach to recharge supplements lost from practices and rivalry. It is not a smart thought to thoroughly deny your waterway when attempting to make weight. It is best to devour a couple of ounces of water each a few hours while you are drying out.

The above points provided by Adam Elayan will help you to acknowledge the wrestler’s diet. In this manner, you have the opportunity to meet your needs in case of diet to mark as wrestlers.

7 Training Tips and Techniques for Wrestlers

Wrestling Workouts

Do you dream to be the best wrestler of all time? Then you must have started preparing yourself for a number of matches that you have to overcome. And if not so, then here are seven training tips and techniques for wrestlers provided by Adam Elayan. That will help you to get prepared for wrestling:


Push-ups are one of the staples of exercises. They’ll build up the triceps, shoulders and trunk muscles that will give you control on the tangle. There are numerous varieties to incorporate into your exercise (Clap Push-Ups, Dive Bombers, Military Push-Ups, and so on.), all of which will change the point of the exercise and grow better quality in general.


Pull-ups are another regular exercise, and it’s one of the best to create utilitarian “pulling” quality. When you can play out different sets with your own body weight. You can either include weight or switch up the style of Pull-Ups to expand the trouble (hold up until you attempt One-Arm Pullups, Towel Pull-Ups, Wide Grip Pull-ups, and so on.). Do 3 to 6 sets of 12 to 15 reps.


For lower back, glute, and hamstring quality, this is one of the best activities to do! It’s an exemplary development that hits every one of the muscles along the back of your body, and it causes you to have more grounded spinal muscles. Do 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Overhead Squat

According to Adam Elayan, this development works your center, your shoulders, your arms, and your lower body. The concentrate of the squat is on your quads, hamstrings, and glutes, however, including the weight high overhead will enhance your stance and frame. Do 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Pot chime Swings

This development concentrates on your hamstrings, yet it likewise hits your calves, glutes, shoulders, center, and lower back. It’s a splendid center exercise that will give you the power you have to control your adversary on the tangle. Do 2 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Box Jumps

This activity does two things: 1) It encourages you to create touchy quality, and 2) it fortifies your legs. It’s additionally a splendid cardio exercise and merits a place in your wrestling preparing. You don’t need to stack the crates too high yet simply concentrate on speed and hazardous power. Do 2 sets of 15 to 20 reps.


This is the mother of all aggregate body developments. You hit pretty much every muscle in your body as you squat, hop on board, do a push-up, returned to a squat, and stand. It’s not quite recently brilliant for creating practical quality, but rather it’s likewise VERY helpful for enhancing your cardio molding. The development of the Burpees will enable you to be quicker as you secure and catch. These are the seven training tips and techniques for wrestlers provided by Adam Elayan that could help get better trained in a right approach.

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